Empowering Education and Advancing Inclusion: IITE’s ICT-Enhanced Capacity-Building Endeavors in Mauritius and Rwanda


School visit in RwandaIn 2023, amidst the unwavering commitment to its Africa-focused Chengdu initiative, UNESCO IITE organized a comprehensive collection of best global practices from dedicated resource centers across regions and continents to reveal the benefits of ICT-enhanced education for persons with disabilities. The research, observations, and outcomes formed the foundation for further project commitments, benefiting key stakeholders involved in the education of persons with disabilities and special educational needs (SEN) in the target countries, the Republics of Mauritius and Rwanda.

From the dawn of 2024, IITE’s Chengdu Project Task Force in close and highly supportive liaison with the National Commissions for UNESCO in Mauritius and Rwanda, had been devoted to the insightful conceptualization, meticulous arrangement, and rewarding actualization of the onsite capacity-building activities on the integration of technology solutions and innovative pedagogical approaches in the education and socialization of persons with various types of disabilities and special learning needs.

On the Isle of Harmony

School visit in MauritiusOn-the-ground capacity-building activities kicked-off in late January 2024, in Quatre Bornes, Mauritius, with highly engaging live meetings and trainings attended and geared by the project’s  major stakeholders from across the country.  The winter capacity-building event gathered 74 education specialists locally and nationally committed to benefiting the special needs community. The  live sessions were led by the Chengdu Project Team Lead at UNESCO IITE, Ms Natalia Amelina, and IITE’s seasoned Expert Consultant, Dr Lorenzo Desideri.
Their insightful interaction with the participants resulted in the myriad of ideas and vivid proposals on how emerging technologies and innovative teaching practices could be most meaningfully applied and leveraged  in the Mauritius context.

IITE’s mission to the target country concluded remarkably with inspiring visits to the local special schools and resource centres, thoughtfully organized by the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology (MoETEST).

In the Land of a Thousand Hills

Delivery of CertificatesThe spring of 2024 was marked by the second round of IITE’s capacity-building campaign in Africa.
The Republic of Rwanda took up the torch from Mauritius to host onsite activities in Kigali on 13-17 May 2024. The Chengdu Project Team rekindled its dedicated efforts to tailor the live sessions to the needs and expectations of colleagues in Rwanda.

In Kigali, IITE’s Project Team Lead and the Senior Consultant, an established authority and savvy practitioner in technology use for the education and socialization of persons with disabilities, Dr Silvio Pagliara, held a series of deeply immersive sessions with the target audience. The events brought together 81 educators and educationists from across the state, the capital city and provinces.

Training engagements in KigaliThe participatory capacity-building activities in Kigali started with a musical icebreaker with an inspiring vocal accompaniment led by the trainees themselves to set the positive and collaborative tone of the entire event. Throughout the intensely involving trainings and highly stimulating discussions, the participants exchanged their assumptions, concerns, arguments, and perspectives related to the viability and sustainability of implementing technology solutions and digital pedagogical practices in the education and socialization of persons with disabilities in Rwanda.

Training session in KigaliThe inclusion-driven endeavours in Kigali were also distinguished by purposeful introduction to the educational settings for learners with special needs. The warmly welcomed field visits were elaborately orchestrated by the Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO.

Echoes of Gratitude: Celebrating Our Participants and Collaborators

Visit to the Centre in MauritiusUNESCO IITE extends its deepest gratitude and highest admiration to all esteemed colleagues and partners in Mauritius and Rwanda for their exceptional support, involvement, and contributions to the event.  Your organizational guidance, active participation, and sincere dedication have been inestimable; without your genuine commitment, the success of our capacity-building initiatives would not have been feasible.