UNESCO IITE and DVOR: Talking to young people about COVID-19

An edutainment community leading online dialogue on COVID-2019 with the youth of the EECA region.
7 April 2020

UNESCO INRULED and UNESCO IITE launched a new Guidance on Active Learning at Home during Educational Disruption

The Guidance explains how to support students learning at home during school closure and explain the potential problems during the process of active learning caused by both external and internal factors.
6 April 2020

Launching the crash course on online tutoring for teachers

To support teachers who have little or no experience in online teaching, HMBSU and UNESCO IITE launched the free course “Be an Online Tutor in 24 Hours” in Russian.
3 April 2020

UNESCO IITE participated in the webinar “How to Help Children be Active Learners at Home during Educational Disruption”

Director of UNESCO IITE Mr. Tao Zhan and Programme Assistant Ms. Galina Konyaeva presented UNESCO IITE’s Initiative “Combat COVID-19: Keep learning. Together we are on the move!” at the webinar.
2 April 2020

Open Educational Resources for COVID (OER4COVID) community will host online consultations

OER4COVID will host a series of synchronous sessions and online trainings to build capacity among educators to design and develop OER-enabled online courses.
6 April 2020

GNLC Webinars: UNESCO learning cities’ response to COVID-19

UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning organizes series of webinars convened by members of the UNESCO GNLC in order to exchange solutions, discuss contingency plans and share distance-learning approaches.
6 April 2020

UNESCO IITE launches an online platform Combat COVID-19: Keep learning. Together we are on the move!

The Initiative aims to provide online communication platform for education policy makers, teachers, students at various educational institutions and experts in education and ICT to share knowledge and experience in responding to the new emergency.
20 March 2020

UNESCO IITE Open Initiative “Innovative Educational Technologies”

On the occasion of the International Day of Education 2020 UNESCO IITE launches a new initiative aimed to capture the ongoing trends in the impact of innovative educational technologies on society, education and progress towards Sustainable Development Goals.
12 March 2020

29th EDEN Annual Conference “Human and Artificial Intelligence for the Society of the Future”

The Conference will focus on contemporary educational concepts, leading practice, approaches and tools, which help to enhance the innovative power of cutting edge digital solutions.
21–24 June 2020Timișoara, Romania