Launching of the Course on “Online and Distance Learning for Teachers in Africa”

UNESCO IICBA in partnership with UNESCO IITE and UNESCO INRULED have launched the course for African education stakeholders, mainly teachers, to train them in the effective and contextualized use of distance teaching/learning and assessment techniques and approaches.
7 July 2020

New video lectures on digital teaching and learning in Russian

A new 12-part video series by Dr Tony Bates, renowned expert in the field of online and distance education, is now available in Russian.
26 June 2020

2020 Global Education Monitoring Report: All means All

Today, on 23 June the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report on inclusion and education will call countries to concentrate on those being left behind and move towards inclusion in education – a particularly poignant message for those now rebuilding their school systems after the arrival of COVID-19.
23 June 2020

Kick-off start of the project for achieving SGD4

During the live session with the selected Russian schools experts discussed the stages and impact of the project. It is primarily aimed at allowing students to investigate SDGs and providing vision on what the global challenges the world faces.
22 June 2020

How to Protect your Personal Data and Privacy in Online Learning

UNESCO INRULED and UNESCO IITE launched the new handbook “Personal Data and Privacy Protection in Online Learning: Guidance for Students, Teachers and Parents”.
22 June 2020

Webinar on the 2020 Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report

UNESCO IITE webinar will become a platform for the discussion on the 2020 GEM Report, its main findings, and recommendations, data on the development of inclusive education in the Russian Federation, and opportunities for fruitful cooperation in promoting the progress of inclusive education.
10 July 2020

10th Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning

PCF10 is designed to promote discussion and develop recommendations for common action to widen education access and bridge the digital divide.  The Forum will focus on ways to build resilient education systems in the face of global challenges.
29 June 2020

World Health Organization (WHO) released Considerations for school-related public health measures in the context of COVID-19

The document provides considerations for decision-makers and educators on how or when to reopen or close schools during COVID-19.
17 June 2020

Discover the Winners of the UNESCO IITE Open Initiative “Innovative Educational Technologies”

The Open Initiative was designed to capture the ongoing trends in the impact of innovative educational technologies on society, education and progress towards Sustainable Development Goals.
4 June 2020

One Big Idea Campaign on Inclusion

GEM Report UNESCO invites young people to share ideas on what their country should do in order to achieve an inclusive education system in the decade of action towards 2030.
4 June 2020