Webinar “Digital tools for organizing education in the classroom and in extracurricular activities in the field of sustainable development and climate change issues” for local audience in Russian Federation.

Since 2019, after UNESCO IITE signed a Project Agreement  with Nisai Group, our long-term partner from Great Britain, to implement the Initiative on “Transforming teaching and learning at schools for achieving SDG 4: turning theory into practice with ICT” in the Russian Federation,  the first stage of the project was completed in 2020-23 and brought the positive results in three rounds of online competition on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and SDG courses for the students.

For further promotion of SDGs, dissemination of the best practices on ICT-enabled education, practical training programs development, educational group activities and intercultural cooperation, IITE is implementing now the next stage for teachers and teacher trainers.

UNESCO IITE’s expert Ms. Anastasiia Mokrushina carried out and analyzed the collection of the best practices (27 teachers were individually interviewed) from the targeted Russian schools (92 teachers from different regions filled out the questionnaires) on ICT competencies. Then the expert and TPDN Unit of IITE designed and arranged two different online interactive webinars in Russian language. The first one, listed above, was focused on the Greening Education and had run on the date of 18 April 2023. First part of the webinar was dedicated to the news and knowledge about GEP, second part brought the attention to the best practices found in this field in Russia.



Each of the presenters – teachers from Boltutino Vilage School (Smolensk Region), from TISBI college, (the member of ASPNet, Kazan) and from the Moscow school 1212, all of them presented the masterpieces in teaching harnessing the students to the SDG 13 Greening Agenda. The Best Practices analysis would be prepared for the publication on E-Library in 2023.

The recording of the meeting is available at the Youtube channel of UNESCO IITE.