Two new books "ICT in Primary Education" have been released

Two books "ICT in Primary Education" within the UNESCO IITE Analytical Surveys series has been out of print. The publications were developed in the framework of the UNESCO IITE three-year project "ICTs in primary education".

The first volume of the Analytical survey "ICT in Primary Education" subtitled “Exploring the origins, settings and initiatives” appeared in 2012. In the second stage of the project, reported in Volume 2 of the Analytical Survey: Policy, Practices, and Recommendations, where the experience of 37 schools from 20 different countries was analyzed. The analysis was based on the questioning and interviewing of specialists. The UNESCO IITE Analytical Survey Volume 3 subtitled “Collective Case Study of Promising Practices” illustrates how ICT can reshape the teaching and learning processes of children in primary education. The publication describes five bright case studies from Singapore, Russian Federation, Mexico, Slovakia and Canada with good examples and innovative approaches to infrastructure development, curriculum design and ICT teacher competencies development.