Transforming Education for Climate Action: Report to Commonwealth Ministers of Education

This report by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) provides a road map for how ministers of education can climate-proof education systems, implement a green learning agenda that builds skills for blue and green economies, and promote education for climate action through policy development, resource allocation and effective implementation. The recommendations also focus on the important issues of quality, equity and justice. Here is a valuable opportunity for ministers of education to provide the leadership needed to support all Commonwealth countries in building resilient systems that can provide equitable quality education for all.

Part 1 provides an overview of the five recommendations for Commonwealth ministers of education to “green” their education systems. These recommendations are to strengthen the climate resilience of their education infrastructure, operational procedures, organisational structures, delivery approaches and human resources in the face of local climate-change realities, all while foregrounding issues of justice and equity.

Part 2 introduces three approaches Commonwealth ministers of education can pursue to build the breadth of green (and blue) skills among learners across their lifetime. These skills will help to facilitate growth in the green and blue economy, orient individual behaviours towards sustainability, and achieve systems transformation that targets root drivers of climate vulnerability among Commonwealth countries.

Part 3 lays out three recommendations to help address key challenges to scale, continuity and impact by mainstreaming education for climate action across Commonwealth governments. These recommendations are to strengthen policy coherence and co-ordination around education for climate action, build climate consciousness among all Commonwealth government personnel, and mobilise financing for strengthening education systems.

The Report is available on the UNESCO IITE website in English.

Publication year: 2022

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