UNESCO IITE participated in the ETUCE training workshop on use of ICT for inclusive education

UNESCO IITE took part in the international training workshop “Education trade unions promoting the use of ICT for inclusive education” held in Lisbon (Portugal) on 25-27 April. The event was organized by the European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) in partnership with the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI).

The main objective of the event was to assess the impact of the digitalization in the education sector from an inclusiveness standpoint and present best practices of European countries on the development of digital skills and ICT training programmes for teachers. The workshop encompassed discussion about ICT teacher training at national level; the role of trade unions dealing with digitalisation and ICT policies in education; the assessment of teachers’ ICT training needs; digital literacy and the use of ICT for disadvantaged students; MOOCs and online courses for social inclusion; social media and emerging technological trends for inclusive education.

The workshop brought together representatives of ETUCE affiliates (both EU and non-EU) with an interest in ICT in education, renowned experts and trainers in ICT and digital education, including representatives of the European Commission, European institutes of education, professors and teachers, took part in the workshop. UNESCO IITE was represented by Natalia Amelina, Chief of the Unit of Teacher Professional Development and Networking, who delivered a speech on ICT and New Technologies for Inclusive Education.

Training Programme