UNESCO IITE at the Rehabilitation International Centennial Celebration Conference

Rehabilitation International celebrated its 100th Anniversary in Beijing, China, during May 19-23, 2023. UNESCO IITE became a co-organizer of the conference dedicated to The Centennial Celebration and took part in the event.

Rehabilitation International: 100 years of protecting rights of persons with disabilities

Rehabilitation International (RI), founded in 1922, is a non-governmental international organization committed to protecting the rights of persons with disabilities and promoting their inclusive development. With the involvement of persons with disabilities, government agencies, academics, researchers, and advocates, RI has been one of the most influential forces in advancing the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities globally.

UNESCO IITE Participation

Dr. Tao Zhan, Director of UNESCO IITE, gave a welcome speech at the opening ceremony of the Conference. Ms. Natalia Amelina, Senior National Project Officer in Education, Chief of Unit of Teacher Professional Development and Networking, intervened with a presentation “Promoting digital accessibility in education: UNESCO IITE activities and experience” at the conference section on Education.

Moreover, Ms. Tone Lisbeth Mork, a member of the UNESCO IITE Governing Board, Chair of the Commission on Education of RI, participated in the event as a moderator of parallel section on Education.

The Impact

The Centennial Celebration of RI became an important occasion for the international community to review the movement for persons with disabilities in the past century and look into the future for the benefit of persons with disabilities. The event was attended by high-level officials from relevant government departments as well as leaders of international organizations of/for persons with disabilities. Exhibitions on assistive technology and a series of cultural activities were held concurrently.

The event focused on various key areas including rehabilitation, education, employment, community inclusion, etc. An outcome document will be released and submitted to the United Nations with recommendations for advancing equal participation and all-round development of persons with disabilities in the next century.