IITE at the UNESCO International Seminar on EMIS


On 26-28 May 2021, UNESCO organised the international seminar to share lessons learned during the COVID-19 crisis and stimulate a debate on the future of Education Management Information Systems (EMIS). Discussion topics included past and present challenges and achievements of EMISs around the world, optimization of existing systems, integrated solutions, and innovative technologies.

One of the sessions held on the first day of the international conference was moderated by Mr. Tao Zhan, UNESCO IITE Director. The following experts gathered around the virtual table for the session named “Experience sharing, and lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis: Global and regional perspective”:

  • Margaret lrving, Education Economist, GPE Secretariat
  • Alassane Ouedraogo, Education Specialist, UNICEF MENARO
  • Silvia Montoya, Director, UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS)

It was my pleasure to chair the session focusing on regional and global experience sharing on EMIS from the perspective of UNESCO and its partners.

Tao Zhan, Director of UNESCO IITE

The international conference brought together policy makers and data experts from Member States, international and regional organizations (UNESCO, UNICEF, GPE), and a number of private sector partners of the Global Education Coalition. The seminar was aimed to establish an international community of practice which can drive international cooperation, knowledge sharing and the building of common best practices for future EMIS.

The recordings and speakers’ presentations of all sessions are available through the following links:

Video recordings:

Speakers’ presentations:

More information is available at the conference website.