Her participation – our future: women in science and education

On 1 July 2022, UNESCO IITE took part in the Round Table ‘Women in Science and Education’. The event was initiated and organized by the Association of Scientists and Researchers ‘Women. Development. Global World’ with the support of the Scientific and Expert Council ‘Social Resources for Social Development and Gender Order’ of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

The round table was held in a mixed format as part of the event series for the EAEU countries. IITE’s specialists and experts from Australia, Belarus, the United Arab Emirates, and regions of the Russian Federation joined online.

With the aspiration to consolidate the international women community towards the development of science and education through female professionalism and cooperation, the participants addressed a number of challenging issues, including in particular:

    • What are the main obstacles for female advancement in science and education, what are these obstacles due to?
    • Digitalization of science and education: an engine or a brake for progress in the field of gender equality?
    • How can the empowerment of women in science and education be ensured and sustained?

In her keynote speech ‘Science and education: women in the social space of scientific creativity and creative self-expression’, Professor Galina Sillaste, President of the Association of Researchers ‘Women. Development. The global world’ emphasized that the world community can find appropriate support for the development of science and education, help women around the world in solving global problems related to preserving the intellectual human potential and intergenerational continuity.

In a bright thematic presentation ‘Promoting Gender Equality by means of ICT: UNESCO Vision’, Oleg Akimov and Elena Varkvasova representing IITE’s Teacher Professional Development and Networking Unit, highlighted UNESCO’s milestones, key priorities and major achievements in promoting gender equality and ensuring equal opportunities for women’s full participation in the progressive social development, in shaping the common future.

During the three and a half hour session, the national and foreign participants maintained the atmosphere of lively dialogue, meaningful discussion, and constructive work.

In the concluding part of the event, Professor G. Sillaste recapped the results of the meeting, rich in meaningful content and semantic facets, and announced the IV Russian Gender Forum to be held
in October 2022 at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.