ASPnet Newsletter “The Power of Art from Home”

Today, on 15th April 2020, the world celebrates WORLD ART DAY. World Art Day is a new UNESCO international day, proclaimed at the 40th session of UNESCO’s General Conference in November 2019.

Since ASPnet origins in 1953, learning in and through the arts has always been an important approach in promoting UNESCO´s values, in particular, Education for Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development, cultural diversity and its heritage.

In the current situation and due to COVID-19, the role of arts and culture has never been more important for our well-being and resilience. Listening to the music, drawing pictures and singing together with our family members are ways to relax and to find peace of mind.

Therefore, ASPnet Team together with education leaders from all over the world unite and present their ways of celebrating this holiday at home by performing different types of art. For more information and opportunities to share the inspiring work on Arts Education with ASPnet team, please follow the link.