Partnership Round Table “Information and Communication Technologies and Education 2030”

On 13 September 2017, UNESCO IITE organized a partnership meeting within the Sixteenth Session of its Governing Board. Partnership Round Table “Information and Communication Technologies and Education 2030” was organized by IITE in cooperation with China Unicom (Russia). In accordance with its newly adopted Medium-Term Strategy for 2018-2021, UNESCO IITE focuses its activities on several strategic priorities, one of which is fostering the potential of ICT for education transformation through global dialogue and networking. For this purpose, IITE gathered its current and prospective  partners to discuss future cooperation and exchange ideas in order to further strengthen their regional and global collaboration and knowledge sharing with all stakeholders. Among the participants of the Round Table were the Governing Board members of UNESCO IITE – leading experts in the sphere of ICT in education from different countries of the world, representatives of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, international organizations UNAIDS and ITU (International Telecommunication Union), leading universities and IT companies including SAMSUNG Electronics Rus, Kaspersky Lab, ABBYY 3A, “Prosveshcheniye” Сompany, MAIL.RU Group and China Unicom. The Partnership Round Table was held under the theme “Partnership and Networking towards Sustainable Development Goal for Education (SDG4)” with a special focus on promoting innovative use of ICT, strengthening access to connectivity and online educational resources through collaborations among government agencies, educational organizations and IT companies. By networking with stakeholders whose collaboration is essential to fulfill IITE’s mission, the Institute ensures sound impact and greater sustainability of its activities building on the principles of synergy and complementarity.