New UNESCO IITE publication is out of press 

How will higher education evolve over the next 15 years? How might technological changes impact the society, labour market needs, higher education systems and institutions? How can and do countries and institutions address these changes? In what ways are the skills required by the market changing? How should higher education institutions adapt to the changing learning needs? What impact will the availability of new technologies and online resources have on how people learn? Are national systems of recognition of learning outcomes and credentialing prepared to accommodate the results of open education? Will the system of higher education develop towards open online learning or campus-based learning?

A new publication UNESCO IITE publication “Future for Higher Education and ICT: Changes Due to the Use of Open Content” is fresh from the press. The publication summarizes the results of the Institute’s project “Access, Equity and Quality: Envisioning the Future of Higher Education in a Digital Age” implemented in Education (UNESCO IITE) in 2014-2016. The project was aimed to identify the current trends related to the use of open and online education and to bring evidence to the debate about the future changes expected due to the use of new approaches to teaching and learning, new technologies and new forms of content developed for higher education.

The publication is  meant to raise awareness of higher education stakeholders such as policy makers, managers of higher education institutions, academics, researchers and students, as well as of all readers interested in social issues.

The PDF version is available online under the following link.