Training on ICT for persons with disabilities in Kyrgyzstan

In the framework of the joint project of UNESCO IITE/International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the IT center for persons with disabilities was established in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. Two-days training seminar “Modern assistive technologies for persons with disabilities” was carried out on the basis of the new IT center on 7-8 December 2015. The training programme covered both policy and practice issues with many international good practice examples.

Two high-level professional trainers were invited by IITE to teach Kyrgyz specialists. The first day of the seminar was devoted to ICT for persons with visual disabilities. Mr Anatoliy Popko (Russia) informed the participants on the current trends of hi-tech assistive technologies for visually impaired persons, shared the specifics of MS Windows OS as program basis for the blind user workplace, and presented the technical tools for accessible environment.

The second day of training was devoted to ICT for persons with physical impairments. Mr Ian Bean (UK) provided the overview of common assistive technology provision for persons with such disabilities, as well as presented the head tracking and eye gaze systems.

35 specialists from various organizations carrying out education, rehabilitation and training of persons with disabilities took part in IITE training seminar: the Kyrgyz State Technical University after I.Razzakov, rehabilitation centers, specialized schools, private funds, etc. The participants were impressed with the new opportunities of assistive technologies presented by the IITE experts, and expressed a strong will to cooperate in the field of implementation of new technologies.

During the second day of the event the round table discussion “ICT use for human potential development: children's security in online environment, support to persons with disabilities, strengthening of confidence and security for ICT application” was held, where Mrs Natalia Amelina, UNESCO IITE programme specialist, presented the results of IITE/ITU joint project.

Training and Information Seminar programme in PDF format