High-level delegation of the Republic of Ecuador visited UNESCO IITE 

High-level delegation of the Republic of Ecuador headed by the Minister of Knowledge and Human Talent of the Republic of Ecuador Mr. Andres Arauz Galarza and the Ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador in the Russian Federation Mr. Julio Prado Espinosa visited UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE) on 30 November 2015. At the meeting with the UNESCO IITE Officer-in-Charge prof. Alexander Khoroshilov and staff members, Mr. Andres Arauz Galarza presented the information on the current state of affairs in the Republic of Ecuador and plans for development of ICT in education and discussed cooperation perspectives with UNESCO IITE.

According to Mr. Galarza, the Ministry acknowledges the necessity to enhance the level of ICT competences of teachers at all levels of education and to develop quality learning programmes for teaching students basic computer skills. The Minister expressed interest in technical and methodological support of IITE in the process of developing a comprehensive project on ICT in education of the Republic of Ecuador, which also would include reforming the teaching of related subjects, such as mathematics and programming. This strategic approach would not only ensure a higher level of ICT competencies of students and teachers of the Republic of Ecuador, but in the long term would serve as a basis for creation of scientific and technological capacity to develop their own information and communication technologies by experts of Ecuador, who have been trained in accordance with the new educational  standards.

UNESCO IITE Office-in-Charge prof. Alexander Khoroshilov presented the report on the IITE activities for the last two years and projects directly related to the area of interest of the Ministry of Knowledge and Human Talent of the Republic of Ecuador. In his presentation, Mr. Khoroshilov introduced the results, research projects and publications of IITE that can be translated, adapted and used taking into account the context and necessities of the Republic of Ecuador.

Mr. Andres Arauz Galarza expressed his gratitude to the UNESCO IITE Officer-in-Charge for the presented information and confirmed a strong interest in cooperation and technical support of the Institute in both strategic and operational planning of the development of ICT capacity of the Republic of Ecuador and elaboration of the appropriate standards based on the IITE experience. The parties expressed mutual intention to continue negotiations and discussed possibilities and concrete steps of collaborative work.