“Learning Innovations and Quality” Conference 2015 was held under the patronage of IITE UNESCO

On 11-13 May, 2015 the International Conference “Learning Innovations and Learning Quality" (LINQ-2015) was organized by TELIT, the Research Institute of the University of Duisburg-Essen and the International Community for Open Research and Open Education (ICORE) under the patronage of UNESCO IITE in Brussels. The motto of the LINQ-2015 “The Need for Change in Education: Openness as Default?” corresponds to the main goals and priorities of UNESCO activities in the field of ICT in Education. More than 100 participants from four continents gathered in Brussels to share and advance the most exciting trends in innovations and quality development for learning, education and training.

The Conference partners were Inspiring Science Education, Open Discovery Space and Open University of the Netherlands. The media partners of the event were Checkpoint E-Learning, eLearning Industry, Open Education Europe. IITE was invited to disseminate its best practices in the field of ICT in Education and Innovative Pedagogy in the context of modernization and improvement of learning, education and training through the focus on Learning Innovations and Learning Quality. IITE was represented by its Officer-in-Charge Prof. Alexander Khoroshilov.

Prof. Alexander Khoroshilov participated in the preconference Workshop on Inclusive Education organized by UNESCO & EBE-EUSMOSI, which took place on 11 May. He also delivered a welcome speech at the official opening of the Conference and stressed the importance of the Conference scope and its correspondence with UNESCO approaches and goals in the field of ICT in education. Prof. Alexander Khoroshilov also participated in the discussion and preparation of the Conference recommendations. At the closing plenary session, Prof. Alexander Khoroshilov delivered a keynote speech “UNESCO IITE and Innovative Pedagogy: Policy Advice, ICT Competency and Open Education”. The content of the presentation was based on the UNESCO strategy, priorities and goals of ICT in education as well as on the results and outputs of IITE activities in the field of ICT in education and innovative pedagogy, including policy advocacy and technical assistance of member-states and partnership with UNESCO Global Networks in the framework of IITE projects and initiatives. Prof. Alexander Khoroshilov arranged several meetings and negotiations with participants of the event to discuss possibilities of cooperation with IITE.

More information about the conference is available at the website LINQ-2015.