UNESCO IITE published a summary brief "Technologies in Higher Education: Mapping the Terrain"

Within the framework of  UNESCO IITE project  "Foresight in ICT in Higher Education" a summary brief "Technologies in Higher Education: Mapping the Terrain" was developed by Neil Butcher on the basis of 28 policy briefs published by UNESCO IITE from 2010 to 2014. The summary did not seek to present a series of abstracts of each paper, but rather distils the key messages into a summarized narrative and provides a brief overview of the possibilities being created by the application of ICT in higher education, outlining some clear emerging trends and highlighting their policy implications. The author's conclusion is 'although complex in detail, quality assurance procedures for ICT-integrated pedagogy all come down formulating a clear policy, then to deriving quality assurance criteria based on best practices. Particular regard should be paid to the experiences and professional development of educators, encouraging the adoption of advantageous innovation, and avoiding the trap of suppressing innovation through the application of over-rigid criteria.'