UNESCO IITE took part in the International Forum on cooperation and experience exchange in education

The International Forum on cooperation and experience exchange in education was organized by the Moscow Institute of Open Education at the request of Department of Education of the city of Moscow on October 23 – 26, 2014. The action was aimed at the development of international partnership in education, an exchange of practical experience and presentation of the advanced pedagogical technologies; increase of efficiency of studying and advance of Russian language as a mean of the international communication and dialogue of cultures; development of arts education in Russian as engaging means in the Russian cultural space.

About 250 specialists of educational institutions, scientific centers, public organizations took part in forum; heads and teachers of schools with Russian language education, representatives of governing bodies of education of all CIS and Baltic countries, and also Georgia, China, India, Egypt, Ethiopia, Canada, more than 20 states of Europe.

Ms Natalia Tokareva, UNESCO IITE programme specialist, took part in the event with the presentation "Increasing ICT competence of teachers: UNESCO IITE experience".

For more information about the event please visit MIOE websitehttp://www.mioo.ru/news/11805-mezhdunarodnyy-forum-po-voprosam-sotrudnichestva-i-obmena-opytom-v-sfere-obrazovaniya