On June 24 the Week 5 of the MOOC on ICT in Primary Education starts

A professional development MOOC for primary educators “ICT in Primary Education: Transforming children's learning across the curriculum” is in progress. This course is jointly run by the Institute of Education, University of London, and the UNESCO Institute for IT in Education. Since its start on May 27, 2014 the course brought together more than 8,000 of learners from 170 different countries all over the world. During the previous four weeks of education the learners became familiar with such topics as “ICT and the 21st Century Primary School”, “How does ICT make a difference?”, “Pedagogical changes achievable through ICT” and “Technology opportunities” using its video lectures, articles, discussion forums and have passed through several assessment activities. The learners are very active and are open to share their own experiences and reflections. Some interesting reflections can be found via the link http://ru.padlet.com/elaval/sjhd4a0piq

Since June 24 the week 5 will start. The content will be devoted to inspiring examples and implementation concerns. During the week participants will get acquainted with practical aspects of ICT application, will discuss possible problems of integration, and also learn about opportunities of modern technologies for ensuring equal access to education for all.