Second Joint UNESCO IITE – eNANO Seminar "Open Educational Resources and Distance Technologies in Engineering Education"

Within the framework of the agreement on cooperation between  the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education and the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "E-education for Nanotechnology Industry" (ANO «eNano») the second seminar in the series of seminars «Ideals. Technology. Education» was held on November 20th, 2013 in RUSNANO. The seminar was aimed to discuss the issues related to the use of open educational resources and the application of ICT and distance technologies in engineering education. Participants of the seminar discussed the prospects and opportunities for the university courses to enter the (international) online education market, the role of MOOС in teaching practice, the specific features of the development and use of MOOС, in particular, in engineering education.

Key presentations were delivered by

Ms. Svetlana Knyazeva, Chief of the Section of Digital Pedagogy and Learning Materials, UNESCO IITE – "OER and MOOC (massive open online courses) in Engineering Education" (results of the UNESCO IITE project "Open Educational Resources in non-English speaking countries");

Mr. Alexander Yevtyushkin, Head of the Directorate of Promising Projects, the Institute of the Information Society – "Intellectual Property Rights and the Prospects of Using Creative Commons Licenses for Open Educational Content" (authors: S.P. Vorozhbit, A.V. Yevtyushkin, L.M. Rizmanova, Yu.Ye. Khokhlov);

Mr. Anatoly Shkred, Rector of the National Open University INTUIT – "Experience of using massive open online courses in the training of engineers (INTUIT 2.0)”.

After a break Mr. Mikhail Orlov, Head of the International Academy of Modern TRIZ (Berlin, Germany), delivered the presentation " Distance Technology Modern TRIZ for Innovative Engineering Education".

The seminar was attended by leaders of Moscow and foreign universities, representatives of educational departments of universities, and interested professionals.

Workshop materials are available online at ANO «eNano» website and on YouTube.


The series of joint seminars "Ideas. Technology. Education" will be continued in 2014.