The competition "The Best Teacher on ICT application in Teaching Practice"

On the eve of the International Teachers' Day in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) there were summed up the results of the competition "The best teacher on ICT application in teaching practice”, held upon the IITE initiative and in partnership with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the Republican teacher training institute, under the name of Donskoy-II.

The teachers from northern nomad camps and districts of compact accommodation of the indigenous minority people of the North of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) took part in the competition held from May 20 to October 4, 2013.

At the first stage participants showed their skills in use of a portal of “Teachers of the Arctic” in daily work (establishment and development of a network community, establishment and development of subjects relevant for professional community of teachers, participation in discussions at a forum, initiation of projects, publications, etc.).  At the second stage of the teacher conducted open lessons through Skype.

The commission assessed activity of teachers on the basis of criteria: understanding the role of ICT in education, the training program and the assessment, use of pedagogical technologies, used hard- and software, the organization and management of educational process. Consideration of the UNESCO requirements on ICT teachers’ competences allowed to estimate and see how ability of the teacher to use ICT influences on the quality of pedagogical work, and on the possibility of a teacher to create the nonconventional atmosphere of learning, to work in the electronic environment, to be beyond a usual lesson, etc.

The following teachers won the competition:

  • Nikolayeva Anna, the teacher of English language  of the Zhilindinshaya school, Oleneksky nomad camp;
  • Ammosova Dinara, the teacher of math of Sylyannyakhskaya school, under the name of Nikolayev P.N., Ust-Yansky nomad camp;
  • Krivoshapkin Petr, the primary school teacher of Segyan-Kyuyelskaya school, Kobyaysky nomad camp;
  • Christophorova Oktyabrina, the teacher of drawing and designing of the Topolynskaya school, Tomponsky nomad camp;
  • Sleptsova Marina, the primary school teacher of the Andryushkinskaya national school, Nizhnekolymsky nomad camp.

Competition was highly appreciated by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Following the results of the competition the Ministry of Education has recommended to teachers – Nikolayeva A. and Ammosova D. to take part in the republican competition "The Teacher of Year — 2014"; for educational management heads of Kobyaysky, Nizhnekolymsky, Oleneksky nomad camps to provide generalization and distribution at the municipal level the experience of following teachers: Borisova S., the teacher of national culture of Batamayskaya school; Krivoshapkina I., the teacher of the Even language of the Sebyan-Kyuelsky school under the name of Lamutsky P.A."; Vinokurova M., the primary school teacher of Andryushkinskaya national school; Timofeyeva D., the teacher of the Yakut language and literature, and Vasilyeva G., the teacher of national culture of Haryyalakhskaya school under the name of Christophorov Kh.A.".

 Ms Aleksandra Gabysheva, the head of the Center of strategic researches and projects, summed up the results and noted that the competition was interesting and unusual; the format of the competition was fine. The big value of the competition was in the fact that it was arranged for teachers of northern nomad camps. Another value of the competition – is that the teachers made open lessons at the school, in the classes; and it was possible to see how somewhere faraway in the north where white snow lied behind a window, for children of a small school such lesson already became an everyday occurrence. The organizers of the competition assessed the available equipment, observance of requirements of national educational and health requirements and standards, whether the ICT use is a commonplace for children, etc.  One more advantage – that at the first stage the teacher had to use portal tools, such as a forum, network communities, etc. It became the most difficult stage for teachers. We intend to continue this initiative to help the teachers to go beyond a lesson and to create the training electronic environment. In general, for the first time everything turned out perfectly. It is also the first time when the teachers were recommended to take part in the Teacher of the Year competition.

The organizers also received good comments and from the competition participants. Here is one of the comments:

“Hello, dear organizers of the competition "The Best Teacher on ICT application in Teaching Practice"! I want to thank you for the organization of remarkable competition with all my heart. I wish you good luck, love, inspiration, progress, the sea of a positive, family wellbeing, prosperity and never despond! Life is fine! Let all your dreams come true! 😉 I hope for further cooperation! In total – we are together! We are one! Yours faithfully, Nikolayeva Anna Aleksandrovna, teacher of Zhilindinsky school of the Oleneksky Nomad Camp of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).”

The fragments of the lessons of the teacher – the winner of the competition are available from the links bellow.

фрагм урока по мат часть 1.flv (44096065)

фрагм урока по мат часть 2.flv (74217853)