On December 12, 2013 in Institute for Informatization of Education of the Russian Academy of Education (RAE IIE) a ceremony of official signature of Memorandum of Understanding between UNESCO IITE and RAE IITE was held. The MoU was signed by the IITE director a.i. Mr. Dendev Badarch from IITE side and by RAE IIE Director Ms. Irena Robert. A presentation of IITE scientific-analytical publication “Information and Communication Technologies in Education” and the monograph “Theory and Method of Informatization of Education: Psychology-pedagogical and Technological Aspects” prepared by the Director of RAE IIE prof. Irena Robert became the first joint event in the framework of MoU signed .
The IITE publication “Information and Communication Technologies in Education” has been prepared based on the generalization of IITE results achieved through the last four years. In the book the systematic review of materials prepared by IITE international experts and staff in the framework of IITE research and analytical activities is presented along with the description of main trends, recommendations and best-practices of several member-states in he field of ICT in education, innovative pedagogy and teacher professional development according to the requirements of Global Inclusive Knowledge Society. This publication can be interesting for education policy makers, researchers and teachers from Russian Federation and CIS member states.
The content of the book was presented by IITE Director a.i. Mr. Dendev Badarch, IITE National Programme Officer Alexander Khoroshilov, Head of IITE Section Ms. Svetlana Knyazeva, and IITE Senior Specialist Ms. Natalia Tokareva. During presentation IITE staff responded to the number of questions of event’ participants, what was followed by an active discussion on topical issues of ICT in education during which the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Education Mr. Boris Zhelezov gave a high estimation of IITE book and recommended it for a wide use in education and professional societies.
The Monograph “Theory and Method of Informatization of Education: Psychology-pedagogical and Technological Aspects” was presented by its author prof. Irena Robert.
At the joint IITE – RAE IIE event, beside staff of these institutions, representatives of Russian National Comission for UNESCO, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Telecommunications and Mass Media, leaders of universities and research centers, heads and representatives of APnet, UNESCO Chairs and UNEVOC Centers as well as IITE partners from private sector and professional associations took part.