Open Educational Resources in Poland: Challenges and Opportunities

A new country report on Open Educational Resources in Poland has been published by IITE. The authors Kamil Sliwowski and Karolina Grodecka describe the national educational policy and the structure of the recently reformed educational system of Poland, national programmes and projects aimed at digitization of schools, top-down and bottom-up activities in the development of Open Educational Resources (OER). The book contains an overview of Polish projects in open education and recommendations for development and use of OER. After many years of grassroots activities performed by nongovernmental organizations and groups of activists and enthusiasts of modern education the trend has evolved into the commonly accepted standard. However, the process of promotion of open textbooks faced certain difficulties and obstacles. Nevertheless, the Polish government has been implementing the “Digital School” programme. This is a good example of how, despite all difficulties, OER can be promoted at the national level. The programme has already yielded its first results and after its completion in 2015 it is expected that all its major goals shall be achieved and open digital textbooks for all levels of education should become available.