International round table "UNESCO International Educational Projects as a Mechanism of New Approaches to the Content of Education"

On October, 18th, 2013 UNESCO IITE participated in the International round table "UNESCO International Educational Projects As a Mechanism of New Approaches to the Content of Education", which was organized in the framework of the Kiev’s Days of Education in Moscow (at the secondary school #480 n.a. Viktor Talalikhin) under the auspices of Moscow Department of Education. Round Table was one of the central events of the visit of official municipal state delegation from Kiev, which was presented at the event by Ms. Oksana Dobrovolskaya, the Director of the Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sports in Kiev (Ukraine). The round table was attended by representatives of UNESCO education networks: the directors of educational institutions in Moscow and Kiev – participants of the international project "UNESCO Associated Schools" led by the regional coordinators of the project, the administration of the Faculty of International Education and UNESCO Chair of the Moscow Institute of Open Education, Prof. Alexander Khoroshilov, National Programme Officer of UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education, coordinator of the Pilot Project IITE and UNESCO Associated Schools "Learning for the Future", and Ms. Elena Tchinok, school coordinator of the project , the director of the Humanitarian Gymnasium "Harmony" (Kiev).

At the round table the models of cultural and educational programmes of UNESCO and the UNESCO ASPnet of Moscow and Kiev were discussed as well as their importance to the development of quality education in Russia and Ukraine. Particular attention has been paid to the role of information and communication technologies for intercultural education and methods of innovative pedagogy in the modern school. Nataliya Ovchinnikova, coordinator of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project in Moscow in her speech specially focused on the activities of IITE to support the UNESCO Associated Schools in Moscow in the field of ICT in education and teacher professional development through joint projects with IT companies – partners of the Institute. Special characteristics of the model and interaction structure of participants of the pilot project “Learning for the Future” were presented in details in speeches and presentations of Prof. Alexander Khoroshilov and Ms. Elena Tchinok and also they presented the results of pilot project, which can be used for implementation of similar project in Russia and Ukraine at the national and interregional level in the future. The central spot of the work of the round table took the discussion on expansion of channels of cooperation of UNESCO ASPnet, UNESCO Chairs and other participants of the educational process, taking into account the experience and suggestions of UNESCO IITE .

On the same day the memorandum of partnership between educational institutions of Moscow and Kiev as part of the network cooperation of UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs was signed. On the side of Kiev educational institutions the memorandum was signed by Ms. E. Pavlenko, coordinator of UNESCO ASPnet in Kiev on the part of the Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of the executive body of Kiev Municipal Council (Kiev Municipal State Administration). On the part of Moscow educational institutions the memorandum was signed by Nataliya Ovchinnikova, coordinator of UNESCO ASPnet in Moscow, and Yury Goryachev, the head of UNESCO Chair at Moscow Institute of Open Education. The agreement provides a wide field for partnership in scientific and methodical, educational, organizational, cultural and tourist spheres in the field of international education.