Third expert meeting on “ICTs in Primary Education”

In the framework of a three-year UNESCO IITE project “ICTs in Primary Education”, the third expert meeting was organized in Moscow on 11-12 November 2012, on the eve of the IITE-2012 International Conference “ICT in education: pedagogy, educational resources and quality assurance” (Moscow, 13-14 November 2012).

The expert meeting brought together researchers on ICTs in primary education from Chile, Hong Kong, Hungary, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Russia, UAE and UK. The team of experts summarized the outcomes of the second stage of the project. In particular, the participants shared experience on the best practices of incorporation of digital technologies gathered from the project sample primary schools across the globe. The outputs of the experts’ activities in these schools are accumulated in the IITE analytical survey “ICT in primary education” that has been out of print. The experts also identified the expected results of the next stage of the project implementation, and outlinedfollow-up activities.

During the second day of the meeting the experts attended one of the innovative primary schools in Moscow – educational сenter “Izmaylovo”. During the visit the experts got acquainted with the accumulated experience and discussed with the teachers state-of-the-art, challenges and prospects of ICT application for primary students.