On Saturday, July 7, 2012 UNESCO ADG/CI Mr. Janis Karklins has visited shortly UNESCO IITE. During the meeting with heads of IITE sections ADG/CI was briefing by Mr. Svetlana Knyazeva, Ms. Natalya Tokareva and Prof. Alexander Khoroshilov about IITE history, current structure and activities, as well as about results achieved, perspectives and plans for the nearest future. Besides the participants of the meeting have discussed a different issues regarding UNESCO ICT-CFT use and deployment, professional development in the field of education based on UNESCO ICT-CFT, quality of education and ICT, development and use of OER in the framework of UNESCO Global Courseware Digital Library (GSDL) initiative, media and information literacy, ICT applications for inclusive education, networking, cooperation and partnership with public and private sectors in the field of ICT in education.

The IITE publications, premises and technical facilities were presented to ADG/CI as well. From his side Ms. Karklins thanked IITE staff for presentation of institute and its activities and stressed that he learned a lot and saw many synergies in activities of CI and IITE. He asked for more frequently inform him on IITE work in order to maximize institute capacity in the region on the issues like ICT CFT, OER, GCDL and MIL because an experience and gathered information is extremely important for CI in advancing in the mentioned fields.