IITE/UNICEF-Armenia joint project on ICTs for inclusive education

In the framework of IITE and UNICEF-Armenia joint project, a training seminar “ICTs for inclusive education” and a workshop “ICTs in education of visually impaired persons” were organized on June 18-21 in Yerevan, Armenia. The events took place in the established by ITU/IITE IT center for persons with visual impairments (http://www.iite.unesco.org/news/639056/). The training seminar and the workshop brought together about 40 educational decision-makers, representatives from teacher training and inclusive education institutions, as well as specialists from medical and pedagogical centers.

The training seminar “ICTs for inclusion” was held on 18 and 19 June by the chief of UNESCO IITE section “ICTs in early childhood, primary and inclusive education”, Ms Natalia Tokareva, and UNESCO IITE individual consultant, Mr Terry Waller (UK). At the training seminar the participants discussed a broad range of issues related to the integration of assistive technologies into the educational practices of students with visual, hearing, intellectual, speech and motor impairments. The training programme covered bothpolicy and practiceissueswith many international good practice examples and included discussion topics, references to research, and educational content for learning and for teacher education. Skype conference with Mr Bernie Henderson, an expert in ICT for inclusive education from Wales(UK), was arranged during the training seminar.

The main goal of the workshop “ICTs in education of visually impaired persons” held on 20 and 21 June was to raise awareness of the participants and develop their professional skills and competencies in the area of practical application of modern technologies to meet educational needs of visually impaired students. UNESCO IITE individual consultant, Mr Anatoliy Popko (Russia), provided a practical training and shared with the participants relevant information on standard and specialized software and equipment for applied for blind and partially sighted users.


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