5th International Forum «Informatization of Education»

The main Forum aim was to discuss a new paradigm of learning as infocommunicative interaction subjects of the educational process in e-learning. State Program for Development of Education of RK for 2011-2020 defines the strategy for implementing e-learning. In accordance with this Program 50% of educational institutions will be involved by 2015, 90% of these will be involved by 2020.

Digital report demonstrating the monitoring and prospects of development of informatization of all levels of education was presented at the forum. Presentation of the project MES RK «E-learning system» which starts in 2011 in 44 pilot schools will be part of the digital report. In addition, the monitoring of informatization of general secondary, technical and vocational, higher and postgraduate education will be included in an illustrated catalog for the guests and participants.

Exhibition of training computer applications was organized in the framework of the Forum (digital educational resources, electronic books, computer games, virtual simulators, electronic research and teaching systems, distance and e-learning and other forms of digital learning content and administration in different programming environments):

– in areas of preschool and secondary education;

– in areas of technical and vocational education, as well as tertiary and postgraduate education.

Application software developers conducted workshops on how to develop programs, but also on how to use them in the learning process.

Exhibition of different models of e-learning infrastructure from international and domestic manufacturers with a priority right forum’s sponsors were organized in the main conference room.

The welcome speech on the behalf of UNESCO IITE and keynote speech “Towards a Knowledge Society Through Teacher Professional Development” were delivered by IITE National Programme Officer prof. Alexander Khoroshilov at the Plenary Session of the Forum on November 3, 2011 at the Astana Palace of Independence. Besides during Conference a number of meetings and negotiations were held including the ones with Minister of Education Mr.Zhumagulov, Vice –Minister of Education Mr.Shayachmetov, Minister of Telecommunication and IT,as well as with top managers of public and private structures involved in the implementation of National Priority Project “E-Learning” as well as with rectors and vice-rectors of universities, representatives of IT companies, Content producers, international experts. The main points discussed were concerned with issues of cooperation and partnership in the framework of IITE activities. During those meetings Kazakh side representatives expressed their big interest in cooperation with IITE in the field of e-learning, content creation and teacher professional development. Special interest was expressed by Mr. Nurgalieva – President of National Center of Informatization.