Conference “Partnership of education, business and science in the field of ICT”

UNESCO IITE took part in the scientific-practical conference “Partnership of education, business and science in the field of ICT”, which took place at the College of Automatization and Informational Technologies № 20 on 7 September 2011. The Conference was organized by the Department of Education of Moscow, educational establishment “Educational-methodological Centre for TVET” and College of Automatization and Informational Technologies № 20.

Ways of systemic introduction of ICT as well as their full-scale application in TVET establishments were discussed in the framework of the Conference. Participants of the meeting, heads of TVET establishments, teachers and IT experts agreed by general consent that integration of ICT in education, development of methodological recommendations on evaluation of teachers’ and students’ ICT competencies, and reinforcement of partnership with social partners play crucial role in accomplishing a wide range of tasks, namely in:

  1. training competitive specialists in the field of ICT for enterprises based on innovative economy;
  2. enhancing quality of TVET in general.

Ms. Ekaterina Kuzina, UNESCO IITE Senior Specialist, made a presentation prepared by the IITE Capacity Development Team. Ms. Kuzina elaborated on core UNESCO goals in education, giving a special attention to UNESCO priorities in the field of TVET. In particular, it was stressed that quality of teachers (instructors, tutors, engineering and pedagogical personnel), their professional training and retraining, as well as level of their professional development and competencies remain key factors of amelioration of TVET system.  UNESCO firmly believes that it may be achieved through realization of a holistic approach based on wide ICT use.

That is why the Organization in cooperation with its strategic partners from IT industry (Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, ISTE) has developed an ICT Competencies Framework for Teachers, which is now being translated and adapted into Russian language by IITE.

Furthermore, recognizing the need to further develop ICT use in TVET in CIS and Ukraine, IITE jointly with the Intergovernmental Foundation for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Cooperation (IFESCCO) implements a project on promotion of ICT use in TVET in these countries.