11th session of the Governing Board

The 11th Session of the IITE Governing Board (GB) was held in Saint-Petersburg from 17 to 18 November 2010. Mr. Alexander Sannikov, representative of the Director-General of UNESCO, Chief of the Section for Liaison with Institutes, Field Offices and External Partners, attended the meeting. He informed the Governing Board members about the ongoing reform at the organizational level in UNESCO and outlined the perspectives of IITE development in accordance with key strategic guidelines of the Organization. Mr. Amir BILALETDINOV, Deputy Secretary-General of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, made a statement on behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation. He underlined visible progress in the IITE development and expressed hope to continue effective cooperation between UNESCO and the Russian Federation.

Members of the Governing Board approved the report by Mr. Dendev Badarch, Acting Director of IITE, on the activities of the Institute during the first year of transitional period. They have also discussed Medium-Term Strategy of the Institute, the IITE budget and the work plan for 2011 as well as extra-budgetary funding. Furthermore, GB members appreciated the high level of the International Conference IITE-2010, organized by IITE and the UNESCO Moscow office in Saint-Petersburg, the topics covered by the participants and the results achieved. On the last day of the Session, the Board Members approved their decisions, the IITE budget and set out the date for the next meeting.

Agenda of the 11th session