New resources produced by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

Guidelines on Open and Distance Learning for Youth and Adult Literacy: Published in partnership with the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, the new guidelines address a gap in literacy provision by presenting open and distance learning principles and practices to illustrate how learning and education can be delivered at a distance. The publication presents practical guidance in the areas of planning, development, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. It also considers various technologies that could support youth and adult literacy. The guidelines aim to help policymakers, literacy providers and educators strengthen the resilience of their literacy programmes and expand outreach and participation in the process.

Social Return on Investment in Open SchoolingCOL commissioned an external review of its 2018–2021 interventions in open and innovative schooling (OIS) in Belize, Malawi, Mozambique, Trinidad and Tobago, and Zambia. The report is based on an online quantitative study, followed by analyses of costs versus benefits and social return on investment. It concludes that continued support of OIS initiatives will contribute to bringing children back to school and help prevent them from dropping out.

Leveraging MOOCs for Teacher Development in Low-Income Countries and Disadvantaged RegionsThis policy brief looks at open digital distance learning and the potential of massive open online courses to deliver and support teacher development in low-income countries and disadvantaged regions. It addresses the particular barriers faced by teachers and their communities and proposes options to help overcome their challenges. Recommendations cover areas of local, national and global policy.