Concept of the International Project Geo-informational System of Educational Map of the World

UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education proposes for the development an international project UNESCO geo-informational system “Educational map of the world” (GIS OKM). GIS OKM is designed for information and analytical service of program activity of UNESCO member states, intellectual support of professional activity of management specialists, planning and organization of education, and for operative informing of broad circles of population providing relevant information about educational systems in easy-to-percept, visual (in particular, cartographic) forms.

The project foresees combination of opportunities, being opened by the newest geo-informational and communications technologies, with broad international cooperationin the area of informational and analytical support of systems of education. The present Concept is based on the necessity of project implementation from the point of view of philosophy of education adopted by UNESCO. It also drafts the main ways of creation of GIS OKM information and technological basis. It visually demonstrates possible scenarios of system functioning and abilities of GIS OKM software implementation, formulates major directions of international cooperation aimed at implementation of the given project.

The document is developed by a team of specialists composed of:

Verzhbitskiy V.V. – Center of Information and Analytical Provision of Distance Education System (CIAN) of the Ministry of General and Vocational Education of Russian Federation Mitrakova O.V. – State Scientific Center of Russian Federation – All-Russian Scientificand Research Institute of Geo-Systems (VNII Geosystem) Kolomenskaya A.L. – Ministry of General and Vocational Education of Russian Federation Popov V.V. – Corporation “University Networks of Knowledge” (UNICOR) Cheremicina E.N. – International University of Nature, Society and HumanBeing “Dubna”

Expert support was provided by:

Babichev A.N. – Center of Information and Analytical Provision of Distance Education System of the Ministry of General and Vocational Education of Russian Federation; Galichin V.A. – Center of Systems Studies of Problems of Higher Educationand Science (INEDS) associated with UNESCO; Kolin K.K. – Institute of Informatics Problems of the Russian Academy ofSciences (RAN) Sorina G.V. – Moscow State Pedagogical University (MGPU); Sukhanov A.D. – Russian Scientific Center of Education in Physics ofLomonosov State University of Moscow.

Copyright: Authors-Developers of the System: A.N. Babichev, V.A.Galichin,K.K.Kolin, G.V. Sorina, A.D. Sukhanov.

Publication year: 1997

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