“UN in Russia” Bulletin №2 (May-August 2023) has been released

The bulletin provides an overview of UN activities, programmes and projects in the Russian Federation.

This issue features an article about two webinars within the series of webinars organised by UNESCO IITE “Harnessing Technology to Transform Education” and aimed to strengthen global and regional partnerships towards the innovative and ethical use of digital technologies in education for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4). The first webinar “Applying Benchmarking for Better Performance of Open Universities” was held on 21 March 2023, in partnership with Shanghai Open University (SOU) within the joint project “Promoting ICT Capacity Building and Open Education in the Era of AI and Digital Technologies”. The second webinar “Media and Information Literacy and Emerging Technologies” was held on 25 April 2023. The webinar aimed to discuss the development and promotion of media and information literacy (MIL) in the context of the rampant development of frontier technologies that are radically changing the media environment.

Another article includes the information about webinars, held in the framework of UNESCO IITE and Nisai Group Initiative on “Transforming teaching and learning at schools for achieving SDG 4: turning theory into practice with ICT” in the Russian Federation. The first one, “Digital tools for organizing education in the classroom and in extracurricular activities in the field of sustainable development and climate change issues”, was focused on the Greening Education and was organised on 18 April 2023. Webinar for schools “ICT to transform teaching and learning to achieve the 4th Sustainable Development Goal “Quality Education”: an overview of innovative practices in Russian schools”, held on 25 April 2023, was focused on the ICT potential in achieving SDG 4.

In addition, the information about the 4th International Practical Online Conference “University of Childhood: Noteworthy Practices” is also published in the Bulletin. The Conference was dedicated to early childhood care and education.

The e-version of the second number of the Bulletin (May-August 2023) is available in Russian language with a summary in English.