UNESCO IITE Hosts an Online ‘End-of-Training Dialogue’ for ‘ICT in Greening TVET’ Course Participants


On 2 November 2023, UNESCO IITE held an online Conclusion Session for the trainees of the ‘ICT in Greening TVET’ crash course for educators. The two-hours meeting gathered 137 registered participants from ten countries across the globe to share the new learning experience, discuss individual success stories and challenges, propose meaningful steps forward.

Webinar panelists

Rationale behind the event

In the shared commitment to ensuring sustainability and advancement of the UNESCO-WEIDONG project, while following the imperative demands of our time, UNESCO IITE and the Weidong Cloud Education Group strategically diversified the range of joint project activities.

Between May and August 2023, UNESCO IITE and its expert consultant meticulously designed and developed a new online training crash course for educators dedicated to the importance and benefits of building viable green skills in and through technical and vocational education with the appropriate use of ICT and technology-positive pedagogy. The five-module training course ‘ICT in Greening TVET’ introduces the TVET specialists to the growing need for workforce with green skills, with respect to job sectors with high potential to adopt and improve greener, climate-responsive practices.

UNESCO IITE’s novel skill development program aligns with the Greening Education Partnership initiative, with a specific focus on Action Areas 2 and 3, which encompass ‘Greening Curriculum’ and ‘Greening Teacher Training and Education Systems’ Capacities.’ The overarching objective is to empower TVET specialists by integrating climate education into teacher training curricula, thereby enhancing the capacity of the broader TVET community to embrace green transitions and contribute to meaningful climate action.


Online training course

The advanced ‘ICT in Greening TVET’ training program spans 36 hours and is publicly accessible on IITE’s E-library platform. The course content encompasses insightful readings, comprehensive e-tutorials, engaging video assets, and valuable links. These digital resources are thoughtfully distributed across the five course modules, beginning with a pre-training questionnaire, and culminating in a final assessment and post-training survey to ensure participants’ transformative learning journey.

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End-of-Training Dialogue

The Zoom-hosted online meeting extended a warm welcome to all participants who completed the new ‘ICT in Greening TVET’ training campaign. The two-hour dialogue and discussion showcased insightful presentations and remarks by the event’s panelists and attendees who represented diverse regions and educational settings. They passionately shared their individual, institutional, and national experiences related to utilizing ICT and pedagogical innovations to promote green skills and foster green attitudes in and through TVET.

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The recording of the webinar is now available on IITE’s YouTube Channel for public viewing