Dejian Liu

Dr. Liu is a founder and Chair of NetDragon Websoft Holding Ltd. Company. He obtained his PhD degree in Higher Education from Beijing Normal University.

He received special expert allowance of Chinese State Council. He is the Adjunct professor in Beijing Normal University. He is also the co-Dean and Chair of the Council for the Smart Learning Institute, an academic department at Beijing Normal University, co-Dean of Academy of Big Data Application in Chinese Education. Mr. Liu is also the Founder and Chair of NetDragon Websoft Inc.

His research mainly focuses on: design and learning, digital education, metaverse, virtual reality /enhance reality, artificial intelligence, etc.

Mr. Liu has authored and offered “Design and Learning” curriculum in Beijing Normal University. In 2017, he opened curriculum “Next Generation Design: Methods and Heuristics” for graduate students in Harvard University.

His academic title also includes: Vice Chairman of China Internet Education Intelligent Technology and Application Council. Member of the Advisory Council of UNESCO Category 2 International Centre. Advisory Committee of UNESCO International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology. He is also the Advisor to the Minister of Innovation and Technology Development of Serbia and the Ambassador of Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria.

As a founder of NetDragon company Mr. Liu is keen to be chief designer of education products. NetDragon company owned Promethean, a hardware company that makes interactive displays and teaching software that drive breakthroughs for teachers, students around the world. Edmodo is also a subsidiary company of NetDragon, which is a global learning community with over 100 million registered users in 192 countries, helping connect all learners with the people and resources needed to reach their full potential. Edmodo also being one of the distance learning applications and platforms recommended by UNESCO.