International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education will be held on 16-18 May in Beijing, China.

The Government of the People’s Republic of China and UNESCO will co-organize an International conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Education to study emerging AI technologies and innovative practices of the use of AI in education. The Conference is expecting more than 500 participants, including high-level representatives from each Member State, representatives of UN agencies and international organizations, leaders of the AI industry, academic experts, policy makers and practitioners.

The conference will include a half-day tour on 18 May to local institutions and leading AI industries.

To maximize Artificial Intelligence’s benefits and mitigate its potential risks for education, system-wide planning and collective actions to reinvent the core foundation of education and learning are required.

The Conference aims to provide a platform for Member States, international organizations, civil society, and the AI industry to:

  • debate on fundamental questions about what sort of human-machine collective intelligence should be developed in order to enable human to live and work together with AI
  • exchange information on the latest trends in AI and how the trends are shaping education and learning
  • assess lessons learned from national policies and strategies for leveraging AI to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4
  • strengthen international cooperation and partnership for promoting equitable, inclusive, and transparent use of AI in education.

Detailed information about the Conference is available at the UNESCO website and at the official page of the event.