Analytical Report on the Global Innovations and Monitoring of the Status of Smart Education

UNESCO IITE, Higher School of Economics (HSE), and Beijing Normal University (BNU) released the publication Analytical Report on the Global Innovations and Monitoring of the Status of Smart Education. This work was produced within the joint project “Rethinking and Redesigning National Smart Education Strategy”.

The Publication comprises the following sections:

  • An introduction that contains a description of the situation in the field of smart education and lays out the objectives for this report;
  • Analytical review and its methodology defining the main approaches to the research and formulating the criteria for smart learning and smart education;
  • Definition and analysis of main concepts of smart education, as well as the indicators to monitor and evaluate its status;
  • Description of six indices based on smart education indicators to assess the transition toward smart schools;
  • Conclusions summarizing objectives, the analysis of the main concepts, and six indices to track the development of smart education.

Smart education offers schools new opportunities and advantages through state-of-the-art educational technologies and methods. It has prompted researchers and educators to develop methodologies for monitoring and measuring this complex process of transition. Smart education is a tool empowering modern schools to achieve better educational results. However, the concept of smart education needs to consider the changing roles of actors and educational environments and the growing volume of collected educational data. Its development requires a thorough assessment of the context and educational needs.

This report aims to refine and expand the core set of smart education indicators to tackle a broader range of policy problems relating to education system transformation. It proposes a set of qualitative and quantitative indicators for monitoring and evaluating the status of smart education and an index methodology for providing a clear structure for indicators, computing indices, and making actionable policy recommendations.

The Report is available in English.

Publication year: 2022

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