Synthesis Report of Global Smart Education Conference 2023

The “Synthesis Report of the Global Smart Education Conference 2023” provides a comprehensive overview of the key discussions that took place at the conference, held in Beijing from August 18th to 20th, 2023. The conference brought together representatives from 40 countries and 16 international organizations who discussed the state of the art and the future of smart education. More than 300 speakers and guests expressed their views and outlined a blueprint for smart education. Over 1,300 representatives participated in the conference in person.

The report specifically focuses on the strategy and the path for promoting the digital transformation of education, the mechanisms that enable technology-driven education, and the exploration of how to construct a regional smart education ecosystem and learning society. The main goal is to provide valuable insights into the growth of the digital generation, innovative evaluation methods, and to share the latest theories, technologies, ideas, and outcomes in the realm of smart education. The report also includes the GSENet Beijing Declaration on Smart Education Strategies.

Publication year: 2023

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