Report on National Smart Education Framework

UNESCO IITE, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and Beijing Normal University (BNU) with the support of Hangzhou Normal University (HZNU) released the publication Report on National Smart Education Framework. This report, produced within the joint project “Rethinking and Redesigning National Smart Education Strategy”, aims to build a technological framework for smart learning that recognizes the characteristics of smart education.

The publication comprises the following chapters:

  • A review of the derivations, concepts and models proposed by scholars of smart education;
  • Origins, concepts and related models of smart education;
  • A policy framework for smart education for various countries.

The report also provides several case studies from China, the U.S.A., Uruguay and Russia to help elucidate the current status of smart education. This is ultimately followed by six conclusions: creating a national plan, establishing a foundational infrastructure, building a learning community, expanding educator capacity, focusing on transformational learning environments and finally engaging in multi-sector partnerships.

The Report is available in English.

Publication year: 2022

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