Invitation to the Webinar “Media & Information Literacy and Emerging Technologies”

The UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education jointly with its partner organizations launched the webinar series “Harnessing Technology to Transform Education” aimed to strengthen global and regional partnerships towards the innovative and ethical use of digital technologies in education for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4).

Webinar № 2: Media & Information Literacy and Emerging Technologies

Date & Time: 25 April 2023, 15:00–16:30 (Moscow Time)


Rampant development of technologies has radically changed the media environment over the past few decades. Algorithms and automation of search engines, digital platforms and other digital services took over the processes of content generation, production, curation, dissemination, filtering and recommendation of information. New computational and machine learning techniques has enabled tracking of users’ actions and moods, data mining, profiling, behavior engineering, and many others. It requires rethinking and updating media and information literacy (MIL) education to make it more relevant to the modern media environment.


The webinar aims to discuss diverse aspects of intertwining MIL and emerging technologies and to provide new perspectives for MIL education in order to support educators and MIL-specialists addressing new challenges in improving students’ ability to become critical and skilled actors in the digital world.


  • UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (UNESCO IITE)
  • Chair of the UNESCO Information for All Programme


Ms Dorothy Gordon, Chair, UNESCO Information for All Programme; Board Member, UNESCO IITE

Mr Ivan Pechishchev, Associate Professor, Perm State University; Expert, How to Read Media Project
Media Literacy in the Era of Neuronets: the First Observations

Ms Gulnar Assanbayeva, Regional Media Literacy Adviser, Internews in Kazakhtan
Algorithmic Thinking in Teaching and Learning Media and Information Literacy

Ms Tatiana Golubtsova, Head, Karaganda Region’s Media Literacy House; Media Couch
The experience of Using AI in the Game-Based Teaching of Media Literacy: from Creativity to Critical Thinking

Ms Maral Aitmagambetova, Co-Head, Pavlodar Region’s Media Literacy House; Media Couch
The Role of Internet Technologies in Spreading the Conspiracy Theories and Disinformation (on the example of Central Asian countries)


Ms Tatiana Murovana, UNESCO IITE

The working language: Russian

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