“UN in Russia” Bulletin № 2 (April – June 2022) has been released

The news of UN agencies and organizations for the period from April to June 2022 is available in the first issue of the “UN in Russia” Bulletin.

This issue includes the article about the international webinar on official launch of the platform “E-Library for teachers”. This platform represents a hub that serves as a resource and training, as well as communication and networking center for teachers around the globe. In addition, there is also an article “How to talk to children about growing up, the body and personal boundaries?”, which contains information about the project “Let’s just talk,” a joint initiative of UNESCO IITE and the online publication “Takie Dela”. The project is designed to help parents understand issues of reproductive health and psychological development of children and find comfortable formats for child-parent conversation.

The Bulletin also features information about the IV International UNESCO Conference “Tangible and Intangible Impact of Information and Communication in the Digital Age”, held on 7-9 June 2022 in Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia).

The e-version of the second number of the Bulletin (2022) is available in Russian language with a summary in English.