“UN in Russia” Bulletin № 1 (January – March 2022) has been released

News of UN agencies and organizations for the period from January to March 2022 are available in the first issue of the “UN in Russia” Bulletin.

This issue includes the article “Children and adolescents in the digital world: joining efforts towards securing the rising generation” with detailed information about the online course “Information Security in Educational Cyberspace”, developed to strengthen competencies of educators in information security and teaching underage learners the principles of responsible technology use and online behavior. In addition, there is also information about the round table “School Bullying and Adults’ Behavior: Two Sides of the Same Coin?”, held on 25 January 2022. The round table discussed what schools can do to prevent violence and bullying and how adults and children should act to defuse conflict in high-stress situations.

The Bulletin also features information about the second edition of the UNESCO media and information literacy curriculum for educators and learners “Think Critically, Click Wisely! Media and Information Literate Citizens”.

The e-version of the first number of the Bulletin (2022) is available in Russian language with a summary in English.