Ethical Dimension of EdTech: Transforming Risks into Strengths – UNESCO IITE Webinar

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In an era of rapid technological advancement, the integration of digital innovations and artificial intelligence (AI) in education has precipitated a crucial need to address the ethical considerations and responsible implementation of these technologies.

That is why January 30, 2024 UNESCO IITE organized an international webinar on ethics in the use of ICT and AI in education titled “Ethical Dimension of EdTech: Transforming Risks into Strengths”.

About the event

This webinar is aiming to provide insights and expertise into the ethical dimensions of digital and AI-driven education, catering to a wide spectrum of education stakeholders ranging from educators to administrators and policymakers.

Different aspects of EdTech Ethics

Ms Natalia Amelina, Senior National Project Officer for Education, UNESCO IITE, inaugurated the event with opening remarks.

Distinguished key note speakers of the webinar talked about different aspects of the important topic of ethics of ICT and AI in education:

AI Ed: Whence, for Whom, How? Toward a Socially Responsible Use of AI in Learning Environments
Dr. Cecilia Baranauskas,
Prof. State University of Campinas, UNICAMP

Ethics of Artificial-Intelligence-in-Education (AIED)
Shitanshu Mishra, PhD,
Chief of Digital Learning, AI and IT, UNESCO MGIEP

Responsible Data and Technology Use in Education
Elizabeth Laird,
Director, Equity in Civic Technology, Center for Democracy & Technology

Ethical Dimension to Digital Competence in Teacher Training
Patrick O’Hare,
Director of Studies, Europass Teacher Academy

Key webinar themes:

  • Ethics of Digital and Online Learning
  • Ethics of Artificial-Intelligence-in-Education (AIED)
  • Understanding Digital Divide and the Digital Gender Divide
  • Ethics and Inclusion
  • Ethical Dimension to Digital Competence in Teacher Training
  • Ethical Standards, Recommendations and Guidelines

Panel Discussion: Navigating the Ethical Complexities in Digitalized Education

After the keynote speeches, the participants proceeded with the panel discussion Ethical Landscape of EdTech: Navigating the Ethical Complexities in Digitalized Education.

During the discussion, experts touched upon such topics as cyberbullying, mental health education, student-centered education environment, ethics if application of ICT in inclusive education and education of persons with disabilities, and many others.

Experts participating in panel discussion:

Yulia Plakhutina National Associate Project Officer for Health and Education, UNESCO IITE

Professor Wu Di, National Engineering Research Center for E-Learning Central China Normal University 

Dr Boulus Shehata, Ph.D, Fellow, Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University

The event is part of the UNESCO IITE flagship webinar series “Harnessing Technology to Transform Education”

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