Teaching in the 21st Century Teacher Competition 2.0 (Extended)

UNESCO IITE and NetDragon are delighted to announce the “Teaching in the 21st Century Teacher Competition 2.0,” hosted within the E-Library for Teachers, aimed at harnessing digital innovations in pedagogy. This year, the competition will focus on promoting green education, the use of generative AI, the development of creativity, as well as gamification and game-based learning topics. Primary and secondary school teachers from public, private, additional education, and other types of schools, as well as TVET educators, may submit their individual projects in one of the following formats in English:

  • An educational interactive video explaining a single concept accompanied by a brief description of the concept in a Word format, and an assessment test containing at least 5 questions to evaluate the learners’ comprehension.
  • A recording of an open lesson focused on one of the topics accompanied by a lesson plan, including the learning objectives, required materials, and assessment.

During the competition, all participants will have access to a moderated E-Teach Forum where they can find teaching ideas for their project applications, seek out best practices and connect with international colleagues for collaborative school projects. Engaging in the E-Teach Forum will earn additional points for participants.

The top individual in each category (a total of 4 winners) and 1 individual (Peer Choice Award) will have an opportunity to go on a international study tour that will take place in Serbia!

During the tour, participants will have the opportunity to visit the Center for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Education, prominent universities, and teacher training institutions. They will also receive training from leading experts on advanced technologies and AI in education. Additionally, they will visit an advanced school and engage in exchanges with their peers.


If interested, please check the official website of the competition to enroll and submit your project before July 10, 2024.

If you have any questions about the project, competition, forum, or other topics, please refer to the informational webinar where we demonstrated how to navigate the competition site and answered participants’ questions.

We look forward to receiving your innovative strategies for teaching in the evolving educational landscape and championing cutting-edge technologies!