ICT Application in TVET. Specialized training course.

The Specialized Training Course has been prepared within the framework of the project Information and communication Technologies in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) launched by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education in 2002.


The Course offers opportunities to acquire and develop the knowledge and practical skills necessary to establish, manage and appraise ICT-mediated teaching and learning in TVET. Each unit of the three-module course includes instructional objectives, relevant training materials for each objective and corresponding application exercises. Personal assessment of training needs at the beginning of the Course helps learners to plan an individual programme of study. Training programme effectiveness is measured by means of evaluation questionnaires at the end of the Course.


Designed especially for policy makers, managers and administrators of TVET institutions, programme planners, training and programme development specialists, the Specialized Training Course provides learners with theoretical and practical tools enabling them to promote and strengthen the technical and vocational education and training through the balanced use of ICTs.



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Publication year: 2006

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