UNESCO IITE participated in the events to promote media and information literacy in Volgograd and Moscow

The UNESCO IITE continues to place great emphasis on promoting media and information literacy among teachers and educators, as well as among school, university and public librarians.

On 29-30 March 2018, the Volgograd Regional Scientific Library named after M. Gorky hosted the interregional seminar “Promoting reading and media and information literacy: challenges and prospects” organized by the Russian Committee for the UNESCO Information for All Programme, the Interregional Library Cooperation Center with the support of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications and the Committee for Culture of the Volgograd Region. Over 150 representatives of libraries, educational institutions, publishing houses, book-selling establishments, mass media and authorities in the areas of science, culture, education, communication and information took part in the seminar. Tatiana Murovana, programme specialist at the UNESCO IITE, gave the lecture “Media and information literacy: toward value and behavioral autonomy” at the seminar and became a co-moderator of the round table “Development of media and information literacy”.

At the invitation of the corporate university of the Interregional Public Foundation “Center for the Development of Interpersonal Communications”, the UNESCO IITE participated in delivering professional training courses for library managers and educators. On 20 April 2018, within the framework of the courses Tatiana Murovana conducted the lecture and the workshop “Media and information literacy: digital service algorithms and behavioral autonomy”. During the courses, participants became familiar with UNESCO approach to media and information literacy as a vital set of knowledge, skills, competences and practices for ensuring effective access, analysis, critical evaluation, interpretation, use, creation and dissemination of information and media products with the use of all necessary means and tools on a creative, legal and ethical basis.