Ugra declaration “Information and communication in the digital age” has been adopted

Expert working group including the representative of the UNESCO IITE has completed the final document of the International conference “Tangible and Intangible Impact of Information and Communication in the Digital Age” that took place in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russian Federation, on 4–8 June 2018. The interdisciplinary conference brought together about 100 participants from 40 countries – academicians and practitioners from the field of ICT and media, as well as philosophers, policy-makers, social scientists, representatives of higher educational institutions and research centres, libraries, public authorities, private sector and civil society institutions.

The conference was organized by the Government of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Ugra, Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, UNESCO / UNESCO Information for All Programme, UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education, Russian Committee of the UNESCO Information for All Programme and Interregional Library Cooperation Centre.

Conference participants argued on the problems, phenomena and trends of the information and communication field – both those that have come into focus in the last decade and those that are less evident, but might significantly impact the socio-cultural landscape in the nearest future. The conference was aimed to contribute to harmonizing the pace of development in the field of information, communication and related technologies and the ability of science and the society to comprehend the changing reality and thus influence the vector and nature of progress.

The conference considered modern socio-cultural processes accompanied by the widespread introduction of digital technologies and the digitisation of various spheres of life from the humanistic perspective of the UNESCO intergovernmental Information for All Programme, sharing the commitment to the principles of social justice, inclusion and non-discrimination, and the balance of rights, opportunities and responsibilities.

Ugra declaration “Information and communication in the digital age”: in English; in Russian