The workshop on media and information literacy for master’s degree students of Moscow State Pedagogical University

On 26 February 2020, the workshop “Media and information literacy of a teacher in the digital era” delivered by Tatyana Murovana, Programme Specialist at UNESCO IITE was held at the Faculty of Elementary Education of the Institute of Childhood of Moscow State Pedagogical University as part of the research, cultural and educational activity of the Department of the Russian language and Methods of its Teaching in Primary School.

Primary school teachers from Moscow and the Moscow region, master’s degree students of the Faculty of Elementary Education, postgraduate students and faculty members of the Department participated in the workshop discussion. The participants addressed such issues as the links between media and information literacy, digital transformation of the world, ethics in the field of digital technologies, information security, the need to develop critical thinking and critical autonomy.

The workshop participants were particularly interested to deliberate on the issue of involvement of an educational institution and a family in developing media and information literacy of younger students, as well as the need to establish an accessible good-quality educational platform for teachers.