Media and information literacy became one of the Reading Association of Russia workshops’ topics

On 30 November 2018, the Reading Association of Russia organized its annual series of workshops under the title “The Academy of Pedagogical Excellence”. Tatiana Murovana, programme specialist of the UNESCO IITE, was invited to contribute as a speaker at one of the workshops and made the presentation “Media and Information Literacy and Media Education in the Modern World”.

In her presentation, Tatiana Murovana introduced the UNESCO concept of media and information literacy (MIL) in the context of global trends for the development of digital competences and soft skills. She informed the workshop participants about the achievements of the UNESCO IITE related to the promotion of media education in the era of artificial intelligence and other technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In addition, Tatiana Murovana shared the interim results of the Institute’s project on promotion of MIL for quality and inclusive education.

The Reading Association of Russia is a non-profit non-governmental organization affiliated to the International Reading Association (IRA). The organization brings together specialists from different fields, including teachers and librarians, psychologists and reading sociologists, journalists and publishers. The Reading Association of Russia contributes to the promotion of academic and functional literacy, culture and education, as well as takes part in the public policy-making in the area of reading and literacy promotion.