Launch of the Online Course on Media and Information Literacy for Educators

On 5 February 2024, a presentation of a new Russian-language online course on media and information literacy was held by UNESCO IITE and the International Centre for Higher Education Innovation under the auspices of UNESCO (UNESCO-ICHEI) within the joint project. The online course is intended for teachers and staff members of educational organizations in Central Asia and other Russian-speaking countries.

The course consists of five modules:

  • Introduction to media and information literacy
  • Digital privacy and freedom of information on the web
  • The space of incorrect information and disinformation
  • New technologies and gadgets as the key to students’ minds
  • The use of interactive multimedia tools in teaching

The training is organized in asynchronous mode: all the educational content of the course is fully available to registered users, in order to study it at a convenient pace. The course is free, and a certificate is issued in Russian and English on behalf of UNESCO IITE and UNESCO-ICHEI upon completion of the training.

Course authors:

  • Tatyana Golubtsova, media trainer, Master of Media Education, head of the House of Media Literacy of the Karaganda region (Republic of Kazakhstan). Author of several educational courses and trainings on media literacy, journalism and data visualization, and interactive teaching methods. Author of educational board games on media and information literacy MediaJungle, MediaPolice, author and editor of the mobile application on media literacy “MediaJungle”.
  • Maral Aitmagambetova, researcher and expert in the field of media and information literacy, co-head of the House of Media Literacy of Pavlodar region (Republic of Kazakhstan). Author of courses on new media, critical thinking and manipulation, co-author of a project on content analysis of fakes on social networks about COVID-19 in Central Asian countries and co-author of an electronic guide on media literacy.
  • Diana Svetlichnaya, researcher of new media and the language of communication, author of courses and trainings on media literacy, storytelling, creative writing. Mentor and trainer of the course “Media and Information Literacy” for journalists and activists at the Media School of the Media Development Center (Kyrgyzstan).

The recording of the presentation of the course is available at the YouTube channel of UNESCO IITE

Link to the course (the course is available after registration on the platform of the International Institute of Online Education