AI: Media and Information Literacy, Human Rights and Freedom of Expression

The collection of papers “Artificial Intelligence: Media and Information Literacy, Human Rights and Freedom of Expression” continues the UNESCO IITE’s series of publications entitled “Digital Transformation of Education”. The publication describes the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and AI-based technologies, their impact on the modern information and media environment, new challenges in the field of media and information literacy associated with the growing automation of the processes of creating, disseminating and accessing information, the use of AI in decision-making and control systems in various areas. There is a strong focus on the growing risks of reducing individual agency, people’s ability to interpret reality autonomously and to act according to their own agenda.

These issues are more relevant now than ever before for education undergoing digital transformation. The publication seeks to contribute to a critical understanding of the digital environment in which learning and teaching unfold, and strategies and tactics for the use of new technologies and the digitalization of educational interactions.

The publication was authored by Mr. Igor Shnurenko, an independent expert in AI, writer and journalist; Ms. Tatiana Murovana, UNESCO IITE programme specialist; and Prof. Ibrahim Kushchu, the head of, the AI ​​consulting and training company.

The new series of publications “Digital Transformation of Education” is in line with the mission of UNESCO IITE to serve as facilitator and enabler for achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 through ICT-enhanced solutions and best practices. It includes policy briefs, analytical reports and reflection papers developed to explore ongoing and emerging fundamental changes in education due to the use of technologies and their impact on education and other spheres of human life.

The publication “AI: Media and Information Literacy, Human Rights and Freedom of Expression” is available in English.